Our Team

Success is always achieved by individuals. Our company is no exception. We are experienced experts with excellent qualifications. We have been carefully selecting the members of our staff for years to ensure that our customers are provided with versatile and professional service in a relaxed atmosphere. As a result, our office is not occupied by anonymous officials, but instead we act as personal advisers to our clients.


Aleksandra Crich – Administrator

Anna Ważyńska – Administrative Assistant

Beata Lalka – Credit Controller

Joanna Marcinik – Bookkeeper

Katarzyna Mazur – Administrative Assistant

Klaudia Sukiennik – Administrative Assistant /PA to CEO

Marta Konieczny – Administrative Assistant

Marta Kłosińska – Administrator

Natalia Zawadowicz – Administrative Assistant


Agata Strzelecka – Junior Accountant

Anna Zdunek – Accounting Assistant

Artur Kania – Accounting Assistant

Bożena Kiersnowska – Accountant

Daria Kuświk – Accounting Assistant

Dorota Giętkowska – Senior Accountant

Grażyna Jaworska – Senior Accountant

Ireneusz Zdybel – Accountant

Justyna Jachym – Accounting Assistant

Katarzyna Stachurska – Accounting Assistant

Kinga Figiel – Accountant

Łukasz Raczyński – Accountant

Marta Wójcik – Accountant

Małgorzata Wolak, FCCA – Chief Accountant

Monika Olszuk-Mawas – Accounting Assistant

Urszula Urwanowicz, ACCA – Accountant


Alicja Kucharczak –Payroll Administrator

Ewa Lis – Payroll Administrator

Jolanta Piaścik-Kozińska – Payroll Administrator

Monika Łyjak – Payroll Administrator

Sonia Szostak – Payroll Administrator


Piotr Kubalka, FCCA, MSc, BSc(Hons) – CEO, Chief Accountant

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