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Pensions in the UK

The UK’s pension system is a complicated patchwork of laws and regulations. Generally speaking, pensions are divided into three main categories, namely:

  • State pensions provided by the government, including:
    – Basic State Pension (BSP)
    – State Second Pension (S2P).
    – Pension Credit and the Over 80 pension,
  • Occupational (company, workplace) pensions
  • Individual (personal, private) pensions, including:
    – Stakeholder Pensions
    – Group Personal Pensions

The first step to sort out your pension claims is to understand to what pensions you are entitled to, because most people have more than one pension. You will probably have some kind of a private or occupational pension as well as a basic State Pension (BSP) and State Second Pension (S2P). Depending on your overall income and age, you may be additionally eligible to Pension Credit and Over 80 pension. This pension puzzle may be confusing and difficult to piece together.


Capital Business Links Ltd has a pool of pension consultants, who are readily available to assist you in sorting out your pension claims and records. Our offer covers all issues relating to state, occupational and individual pensions, including:

  • Sorting out your pension record
  • Working our your pension entitlements
  • Managing your personal taxes

To learn more about our services or to make an appointment with one of our pension advisers, please contact us on telephone number 0208 567 99 44 or at our e-mail address.