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When tailoring our services, we asked ourselves the most fundamental question: What do entrepreneurs expect from an accounting office? We listened, and then we answered.


Our market research discovered that businesses and individuals want an accounting office to help them efficiently and quickly fix administrative matters related to running a company. In order to meet those requirements, Capital Business Links Ltd offers services which are comprehensive, specialist and, above all, professional.

Our business philosophy is pretty straightforward. We just want to boost your business profit, because higher income, not a higher pile of papers, is a real sign of professional accountancy.

We are professional West London accountants and financial advisers specialising in services to limited companies, self-employed persons, partnerships and individuals. As established Ealing accountants, we attract many entrepreneurs from this vibrant business community. CBL provides its clients with a wide range of services, including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns and tax advice. Our comprehensiveness, specialization, professionalism, and reputation make us unique, world-class accounting service providers.

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The comprehensiveness of our services means that we work on each order from beginning to end, in every aspect. We do not simply pick out the easiest tasks and send the customer to a so-called specialist. Capital Business Links Ltd fixes specific issues and solves real problems without producing unnecessary documents and unfinished work. Our specialists work together with clients in every stage to ensure maximum attention to detail, competency, and project completion with your company goals in mind.


The complexity of our services is the result of our team of specialists that range across all areas directly connected with running a business in this country: we work as a team to provide comprehensive, specialist services in every aspect. We also serve as

  • An accounting office, which keeps company’s records and accounting documentation to tackle tax issues, including income tax (Tax Return) and VAT (VAT Return), to do payrolls (PAYE) and to control company’s debtors and creditors.
  • A tax adviser’s office, which deals with planning and optimizing taxes and represents the company before HM Revenue & Customs (e.g. in the case of control or any legal dispute).
  • A financial counselling office, which makes business plans, valuations, budgets, prognoses and analyses. It also completes documentation for the needs of bank credits, mortgages or insurances, and shows clients how to maximize profits.
  • A business counselling office, which helps to select an appropriate legal form of the enterprise, build its structures and manage its current operations.

The services we offer cover all the aspects of running a business in addition to the stages of starting a company from inception to maturity. Specifically, our services help clients:

  • Before setting up the company, by advising on the most appropriate legal form of the future business in given circumstances.
  • After choosing the legal structure of the company, by registering the business with appropriate authorities.
  • Manage the current activities of the enterprise by managing its accounts, including Tax Return, VAT Returns, accounts with creditors and debtors and with employees (Payroll, PAYE, P60 and P45). As for financial counselling, we mostly specialize in managing company’s working capital and tax strategy.
  • Realise target projects, by assisting in making investment valuations, preparing business plans and financial analyses in addition to negotiating with banks.
  • At the close of a business, by closing all the necessary accounting and tax formalities.

Following the principle that specialization should be an indispensable element of each service, Capital Business Links Ltd offers its assistance as an expert in the issues concerning limited companies (ltd). It is a very attractive form of business, limiting the shareholders’ liability to the amount of the company’s share capital. In this way, the business-owner protects their own property from potential claims from the company’s creditors. This and other advantages of a limited company make it the most popular legal form of business in the UK.


The Capital Business Links Ltd team has developed a special program to service limited liability companies. Our services cover all phases and aspects of the company’s business activities, including:

  • Choosing the legal form for a limited liability company – limited by shares or limited by guarantee.
  • Producing the company’s key documentation – Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
  • Preparing documentation concerning the company’s authorities (Company Director, Company Secretary).
  • Registering the company with the Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Managing current financial activities, through bookkeeping, financial and tax counselling and assistance in realizing investments and target projects.
  • Providing accounting and tax formalities related to selling or closing the limited company.

The professionalism of Capital Business Links Ltd results from the knowledge, skills and experience of our specialists. In addition, we have a suitable technical and computer infrastructure consisting of the best software for company finances management, including SAGE, IRIS and QuickBooks. Hence, we keep the accounting of each company systematically, which allows our clients to manage their finances effectively. The professional accounting that we offer makes it possible for clients both to maximize their profits and to optimize their taxes.


We offer accounting services which comply with the highest UK standards. Moreover, our members of staff already have or will promptly secure qualifications from ACCA (Association from Chartered Certified Accountants), AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) – currently the largest and most reputable accounting organizations in the world. Knowledge, experience and innovation make it possible for us to undertake the most difficult tasks in our profession with relative ease.


We serve every customer with the same dedication and professionalism – no matter if it is a large corporation established on the market for many years, or a sole trader just starting their business. We steadfastly apply the principle that our services must be flexibly tailored to individual client needs and serve their vital interests.


The proof of our professionalism and high-quality staff is demonstrated in over three thousand firms and individuals that regularly take advantage of our services.


We have built a good reputation, by providing stellar services to over 3,000 highly-satisfied companies who trust our services and core values. Our clients are our best advertisement because they recommend us to others and grow our existing client base. Over 80 percent of clients who decide to work with us were recommended by our existing client base. We are proud that the references we have earned, stimulate the development of Capital Business Links Ltd.


Success is always achieved by individuals. Our company is no exception. We are experienced experts with excellent qualifications. We have been carefully selecting the members of our staff for years to ensure that our customers are provided with versatile and professional service in a relaxed atmosphere. As a result, our office is not occupied by anonymous officials, but instead we act as personal advisers to our clients.


In comparison to the competition, we are outstanding due to our individualized and holistic approach to each client’s needs. Our ultimate goal is always to ensure that each client is satisfied with our services. In order to ensure we serve each client’s specialized needs, we use our specialists in accounting, law, finance, and business management to ensure each task is achieved with the utmost care and ability.

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