Accountancy Service for Individuals

We have devised a wide range of specialist services to fit every individual’s needs. In contrast to other accounting firms, we differentiate between the needs of employees, investors, shareholders and members of Management Boards of limited companies. In this way, every individual can find individual services to fit their specific needs.


Our high-quality services are comprehensive, specialist, and professional – reflecting our company’s core values.


Our comprehensive services provide for all the spheres and matters related to individual customers’ financial activities, including taxes, jobs, investments, pensions, inheritances and donations. Our services are also specialist and professional because we complete difficult tasks requiring extensive knowledge (such as tax planning or investment management) with the utmost dedication and care for each client – regardless of whether they’re a company or an individual.


Capital Business Links Ltd offers the following specialized services to individuals:


Planning and optimizing personal taxes, including:
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax issues related to trusts
  • Non-domiciliary tax issues
  • Tax aspects of property purchase
  • Tax aspects of property rental (buy-to-let properties)
Preparing tax self-assessments for:
  • Employees and pensioners (Tax Return)
  • Shareholders and stockholders of private and public limited companies
  • Company directors and secretaries
Financial planning
  • Optimizing national insurance contributions (NIC).
  • Consulting on the employer’s benefits-in-kind such as company pension, company car, fuel benefits and health insurance.
  • Estate planning – investments, savings and funds.
  • Financial planning to support children.
  • Financial planning of separation and divorce.
  • Business exit strategies.
  • Pension and inheritance tax planning.
  • Representing the customer before HM Revenue & Customs and other public authorities in case of controls, disputes and negotiations.
  • Preparing credit (mortgage) documentation for bank and company loans.

Capital Business Links Ltd guarantees professional, reliable and timely service for each and every client. We have the qualifications, experience and technical ability necessary to ensure excellent service for all of our clients.


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