Polish British Business Forum – Résumé

Whether Brexit happens or not, we have to remain optimistic and see what kind of reality will follow. We will have to learn how to function under new circumstances. Therefore, we will be looking for the most profitable solutions for our clients and ourselves in order to make the most out of the current situation’

Piotr Kubalka
CEO, Capital Business Links Ltd

The objective of the Polish British Business Forum was to show the opportunities and consequences associated with result of the referendum in Great Britain. The meeting with Polish experts from various fields was a chance for the delegates to seek answers to questions related to Brexit.


The first part of the event focused on diagnosing the current economic situation at a macroeconomic level. Experts demonstrated that we are currently living in uncertain times and there is no confirmed information as to how the law will change. Michael Dembinski from the British Polish Chamber of Commerce stressed the huge power of the British market and economy. He also drew attention to the fact that ‘it took half a century to incorporate the British economy into the European Union’s structures and that it will be a long process to reverse, which will require expert involvement. They haven’t got any idea how to do this, these are only populistic slogans’, says Dembinski. Moreover, during the first panel Marek Kuczalski, an expert from TFI Allianz, showed possible scenarios of relationships between Great Britain and the European Union by comparing the Norwegian, Turkish and Swiss models. Dr Malgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek stressed the necessity for changes in the EU with regards to entrepreneurs operating in Poland. For instance, it needs to be considered that ‘in 2020 the new EU budget, which will be smaller than the current one, will need to be adopted. When Great Britain leaves the EU, and providing that London decides to continue to contribute to the EU funds following Norwegian or Swiss model, there will be even less money’.


The second part of the event was dedicated to a discussion with the delegates and attracted a great deal of interest. The speakers attempted to show that every crisis brings opportunity. Brexit should also become an opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs. Just two days after the Polish British Business Forum Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced that article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty would be officially triggered by the British government by March 2017. According to experts this means that Great Britain will leave the Union no later than by April 2019.


Please feel free to check foto summarising the Polish British Business Forum. We hope that the next event will also attract such a great interest.

On behalf of the organiser we would like to thank our strategic partners Xelion and IBC Corporate Solutions as well as the supporting institutions: British Polish Chamber of Commerce, The Union of Employers for Lesser Poland Lewiatan, Polish Business Link and Cleantech Cluster. We would also like to thank our media partner What’s up magazine and to express our special gratitude to our honoured speakers for their contribution and support. This event wouldn’t have been possible without them.


The Polish British Business Forum, on the initiative of Capital Business Links LTD, took place on 30th September in Krakow. Many outstanding speakers from various fields including tax, legal, economics and finances took part in this event.